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Barbarian Outlander With No Manners

21 April 1978
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Hi, I'm Al. *waves* I'm a woman, in case you wondered, and I'm in my late twenties early thirties. I am married with child, I have an awesome job with people who are usually not evil, and I am really, really fannish. My dearest, darling beloved disapproves of my fic addiction, which is sad, because it shows no signs of going away.

I have this tawdry love affair with words, so if you see me using unusual words in my posts or stories, know that I'm not trying to be pompous. I just actually write and talk that way. On the other hand, if you see me writing like a middleschooler and saying "Awesome!" or "That rocks!" ad nauseum, that's just how I actually talk as well. I make an effort to keep the vocabulary of a fic in line with the character whose POV is being used, so feel free to call me out if you see OOC language use, especially if it gets in the way of the story.

I'm slowly building a fic journal at to_say_nothing. New fic is going there, and I hope to collect all of my older fic there, too.

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