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19 March 2025 @ 02:52 pm
thefinishedthefinished on January 2nd, 2011 05:33 pm (UTC)
Friends? XD
I read one of the comments above, about how your locking everything to avoid RL people finding you on LJ. I totally get that, kinda makes me want to friend everything away.

But hmmm, let me make a list (because I have OCD) of REASONS WHY I WOULD BE A GOOD FREIEND (spelled it wrong.oh well)

-I am friendly!
-I feel the need to tell others how I feel. I often do that in the comments section! Like now!
-I write fics too!
-Having friends is awesome!
-I have no life!

Okay. Well that's everything I guess. Um, I like cheddar block cheese and spinach dip-not together but.okay maybe.