allyndra (allyndra) wrote,

Dear Yuletide Writer

Thank you so much for writing me a story! I promise that I'm easy to please. These are fandoms that I adore, and I'll be delighted to receive a story in any of them. I do have a few things that bother me in fic: I don't enjoy non-con, incest, or character bashing, and I have an embarrassment squick. I absolutely love found/made families, and I'm good with gen or smutty, shippy fic. Like I said, I will be delighted with what you write me, but in case you would like some ideas, here are my thoughts and suggestions for fic:

Ivory Series - Doris Egan

These are comfort books for me. I've been reading them since I was a kid, and I don't think I'll ever outgrow them. I love Theodora; she feels like us in fandom, nerdy and funny and flawed and fascinated. My journal title is often "Barbarian Outlander with No Manners" for a reason. Fic-wise, I would love to see Theodora and Ran on a job, tackling a sorcery problem or a mystery. I would love to see them adopting a child and how they deal with that - especially since they come from such different cultural backgrounds. I would love to see them adjusting to being honest (for certain definitions of honest) citizens again, after being Sector outlaws. I would love to see Theodora interacting with the legendary Cormallon aunts. And rounding out the love, I would love to see Kylla, because she is made entirely out of awesomeness, stubbornness, and gold swirl.

The Sarah Jane Adventures

Oh, Sarah Jane! I love the entire Who-niverse, but SJA has a special place in my heart. While I love everyone in the show, Luke is my favorite. I would love to read university!fic about Luke settling in. Does he manage to blend or has he found a place where his oddness is accepted? I admit to shipping Luke/Clyde, but I don't insist upon it in fic. Future!fic is great, as are stories where Sarah Jane and crew have to outsmart aliens (or UNIT). If none of these ideas appeal, I'd also kind of love Rani/Lady Jane Grey.

Pegasus - Robin McKinley

First, let me make it clear that I was not expecting that ending. I had no idea there would be a sequel, so when the rug was pulled out from under me at the end of Pegasus, it hit me hard. To recover from that, I would love to see either fic about Sylvi and Ebon growing up together, or speculative fic about what happens next. I love Sylvi, I love Ebon, and I love both of their families. It would be great to see more of them, however you choose to do so. I'm less interested in the political maneuvering of the court and magicians, but I have no problem with them being plot points as long as they aren't the main focus of the story.
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