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01 October 2010 @ 07:15 pm
Seeing The Like  
So, I went to see The Like last night, and it was awesome.

Well, it didn't start out great. It started out with me waiting for ages for things to get started, because the flyers and website said 7:30 and my ticket said 8:00. Opening band wound up going on at 8:30, and The Like at 9:30.

Let me tell you about the opening band. They're called Hot Birds and the Chili Sauce, and they are crazy. It's not that they're bad. Actually, all of them were really good. The problem was that there were SO MANY OF THEM. Three female vocalists (all of whom could totally belt), guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, trombone, trumpet, sax, bari sax. If you were counting with me, you see that they had 11 people on that stage. And folks, that stage is not big enough for 11, and that venue is too small for trumpets to need a mic. Also, one of the vocalists bore a tragic resemblance to Patrick Moynihan's impression of Snooki on SNL. The hair, the bad tan, the facial expressions. I felt bad for her styling choices.

But musically, they actually weren't bad. they had a soul/funk thing going on. Here is a picture of Z Berg watching Hot Birds and the Chili Sauce:

You may not be able to tell, but she is perched on the bar. Just hopped up there, unconcerned for her super short dress. The fact that she seems so un-self-conscious makes me feel more self-conscious. Anyway, she watched them for a while, and then Laena came out and watched. Laena cheered loudly for the bass player's solo, which made me happy.

And then The Like played! I really, really like them live. Fair Game, for example was just a lot more fun and had more energy on stage than it has (IMO) on the CD. These girls have so much stage presence! Annie was a little static (which makes sense, what with the organ and all), but they were so alive and buoyant and awesome. I think the energy and stage presence impressed me especially because the crowd was pretty small.

I think I have a crush on Laena's hands. And her bass is really, really pretty. Also, Tennessee kind of bangs the hell out of her drums, and she looks like she's having fun doing it.

Moment of the night:
Z: How about the band that was up here before us! They were great! But I suddenly feel like there's not enough of us on the stage, and our name is too short.
Laena: We could breed.
Z: Stop trying to breed with me, Laena! We're on stage!
Asshole in the crowd: BREEED! BREED NOW!
Z: That's the first time that has ever been used as a heckle.

I got a CD liner signed after the show, and I told Z and Tennessee that I was glad they put out vinyl and that our record stores in the area carried the album. Tennessee said they got to go watch the master record being cut, which sounds super cool.

Because my camera broke, I only had my phone with me, and because I spent too much of my waiting time hanging out on Twitter, I didn't have much battery power. So despite my best intentions, I have very few, very bad pictures. Here ya go:

Tomorrow night: Empires!
psuedo_catalystpsuedo_catalyst on October 3rd, 2010 11:01 pm (UTC)
Really? A night watching The Like followed by a night seeing Empires? That sounds like a pretty charmed few days--and now you've got me wanting to buy the vinyl.

I really do wish I could see them live--who knows, maybe in the near future!
...AND THE HOCKEY MEDIA IS THE SARLACC!shihadchick on October 5th, 2010 09:14 am (UTC)
Oh man, that sounds DELIGHTFUL! And I am super glad you recorded the stage comments for posterity. :D
Maple: Young Veinsmaple_mahogany on October 17th, 2010 08:43 pm (UTC)
Finally saw your name and clicked to find this.

They are so cute! I'm glad they put on a good show.